The smartest way to price your Vacation Rental Rental Prof is specifically done for Property Manager and Vacation Rental Owners

Automatic Pricing Tool For AirBnB | Property Managers

10% - 40% revenue increase

Rental Prof uses real-time market data from Hotels and BnBs to better price your rental. Thanks the help of data price recommendations will allow you to improve your performance

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  • 3 Review prices recommendations and automatically sync your Rental with Rental Prof

Property Manager Solutions

Your property on Airbnb is going to be updated according to supply and demand balance, seasons and local events.

In one year demand will be different we will help you follow the best price for your listing.

Connect directly your PMS to Rental Prof. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more details about this

Property Manager Solutions

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Who is Rental Prof?

  1. Rental Prof is an automated dynamic pricing solution for Vacation Rental Owners and Property Manager.
  2. Rental Prof uses real-time market data to maximize revenue and occupancy of vacation rentals.
  3. We bring the same sophistication utilized by experts of hotel and airlines industries
  4. Our simple and easy solution allows you implement your listings:
    • Link your Airbnb listing
    • Get a preview our recommended rates
    • Automatically sync suggested prices directly to your calendar

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Rental Prof Charge between 10€ to 30€ according to location and number of rentals that you Manage